Two and one.

The sunlight kissed me when you were feeding the pigeons with levity and I smiled with a sense of satisfaction with the white and black I wore that day. I was holding my cry using the pillow the night it was raining hard and only lightning was responding to my unasked questions. It was there the… Continue reading Two and one.

Profitable perturbation

I have to look between different lives everyday. Why am I moving? Why are they moving? What are they going to do if they saw the dangling confidence that is trying to walk past them in complete calmness and inoculated satire? I do not want to look at them, because there is a need of… Continue reading Profitable perturbation


People are driven by forces which they are unaware of. They know why they are getting affected, but they refuse to accept it, some of us do, but what good it brings us? You keep things inside yourself that are meant to be shown, to be heard, to be read. But, your understanding of the… Continue reading Absence

No posts lately

Since the mid semesters are going to commence, i will not be able to post for two weeks. Till then, if you develop a deeper meaning to what i am saying, please follow the blog back, because you must have turned insane.