The grass was moving across the wind to tell me that it is the right direction to go. I grazed it to advance the flight of stairs. It was dark outside since it was raining and I had no idea of the weather inside me. I was motivated to climb up the stairs to discover the fact that what I wanted was not on the top. It was in the middle, hidden away from my sight in a way that only my meticulous eyes can look for it in the right direction and it was shining bright with gold to fulfill my desires. But the ways of this world were the constraints that made me fork my decision in a different direction.

Since that moment, I have been under the idea of existence that makes me do things a human being is simply not desired to. Even though I have never been acknowledged enough to pursue what my idea of you wants me to do or just what your reactions would be if I was not writing this.Then I realized that I am doing this for you and not for me. This was so simple from the starting but I don’t know where I had been from the starting. Was that a start or just an illusion to make me understand in the future? Oh my god! I have been deceived by the nature once again because I can’t go against it.Or maybe I can, because I am writing this? There is so much to this because I am  not able to think in a particular manner. I have been clouded by the numerous ways of the human nature that i am tired of analyzing everything and just want a moment in peace to introspect and conclude.

I was horrified in the beginning because the bed was broken and seemed unused and alongside on the table was a frame garnished with a torn wearing out photo consisting of the ecstasy I desire for. Your presence between the wood and the glass, that was my existence at the moment.


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