You are your own people

There are times when you are not sure about yourself. Do you want it or not? Maybe you don’t want to accept yourself because your success is not acceptable to you. With one little thing, a moment is ruined or just because you are letting it ruin your day or maybe you just want to feel bad. People are people and they will turn you maybe against some other soul or maybe just yourself. “I am not responsible for things”, well definitely only you are responsible for them. When you try to accept things, you turn yourself against yourself and prepare your body and mind to tackle things that you are not supposed to just yesterday. I am not bullshit maybe I am boarshit! I might not tell things but I know them. I might not get affected by them but guess what I literally get affected. “I am a human being”, no you are not because you are trying to being human which is boring, like I say. Don’t go for the things that fear you, that make you feel like it’s acceptable. Go for the things that make you feel like pathetic, because normal will fall into place and hurt less. All these sentences deserve a great eye roll but guess what, look at yourself and tell yourself that you are doing the right shit. If you are truly capable of saying this, man you actually are doing the right thing. “Constraints” can’t be forgotten and forgiven, because everything is limited, but dude, there has always been limited time and I am sure that you don’t want to waste it by letting it getting wasted. Do what you feel like. Strip if you really want to, because fuck people, you are your own people. Criticize, hate, love, fuck like you actually want to do. Don’t get affected by a mere ass because there are 7 billion asses on the face of this wretched planet. Remember the constraints, they define you, and you have to live them no matter what. Please I beg you, just let others go, because 5 years from now, you are going to find some new “others” who you will have to again let go of. Go for the extremes, because when you know your blot on the map, you can actually trace your path.

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