Power Fuck

The concept behind communication is to find things that you can relate with and hence build up the communication with the significant other till you reach a point of intersection in the path that parts the directions in which your minds think. Sometimes distances are good sometimes they are really good. But with distance comes the undesirable sadness that turns into a kind of feeling that you can’t place an explainable reason for. I really want to get back but I don’t at the same time and then these heart burns that have no medical explanations and to which philosophers claim that they hold the answers. You remember the past conversations and based on that you evaluate the current reliability of the body that experienced those conversations with you. There are days when the mortal paths may cross again and then those conversations light up like they happened the day before.

Your minds are constantly reconciling all the words, tones and emotions you shared with each other but with a “Hey, long time huh?” and a fake smile and probably a handshake or a friendly hug. But you know your heart is racing and you really want to scrape out the rust from the iron heart. But is this the time? Can I really scrape out the rust? Or I need to shut up and buy a new heart? I am not able to comprehend the moments and ended up asking what she’s doing tonight. “I am free, pick me up at 6:30”. I’ve already made a huge mistake and even when I don’t want to, paid attention to her and gave what I call, a power fuck. A power fuck is an interval of time where you “Pay Attention” temporarily to the things which are important to you but not truly important. That is in short, pretending that you are paying heed to what others are saying but in reality you are probably making a plan to kill someone and get away with it or probably wondering about you, holding Harry’s wand and stripping sluts in LA getting goosebumps on their assets because the AC is fucking 16.

A power fuck is addictive, undetectable, orchestrated and most of all, fun. The aftermath is catastrophic.

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