Fake Elijah


I murmured inside about the unsophisticated pesky behavior that was curling around the one’s skin and mind and I believe that one was  aware of that too but forgot to pay attention to the surroundings. “What the fuck is wrong with this person?” were the words the one wanted to say out loud, but retired to maintain a fake silence that drowned the mind in multicolored multidimensional world of funny Rhythm & Bass and a little peek into the past memories that syncopated with the tune that ruled its mind or I’d rather say were required for a diversion. The constant analysis of the consciousness drove it into a state of glittering unconsciousness that proved to be a medium to speak out loud because nobody wanted to pay attention to their insides, maybe, for the moment. It was happy for a second, boisterous for another.

The moon was shining brightly and merrily just as it should and the constant fighting for acquiring achievements had driven them crazy. But another moment my heart raced and I felt something different that did not synchronized with my body but something inside me that bravely said, “This is it.” I forgot about the Fake Elijah at that time, and continued to brew my memories by capturing moments that deserved candles. I looked up, then down. It was vague but vogue for my mind. Black and white? What’s your opinion? Classy in’it?

The surface was perfectly fried and delivered. Duly noted.

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