Bye Bye


Take a look at the path, filled with unrecognizable patterns and the things that you care about, only with the things that you care about. Look at the pattern can you see it? It is filled with the things that you are aware of, and not the things that are really are meant to fall in your path. Take a look at your step, is it the left one or the other? Are you sure what you are thinking about, what your decisions are, what exactly is the result and consequence that will complete the pattern? No. Go inside, take a blower, flick everything aside and start, start again to think on what should be the pattern. What is the one thing you are failing to consider? Don’t find it, it’s right in front of your eyes and you are constantly choosing to ignore that purposely because you have invested your time in something that is not meant to bloat your map. Find it, I’ve found it. Bye bye to the stuff that I thought was important. Nope, it was, it isn’t. Fuck it, and make your own map, because if you know where your exact point of location is, you can proceed to choose paths. Find your location and let others thinking about the sex, money and loneliness.

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