Two and one.

Art-Kotzeva-Love Loss Regret Hope-mediumThe sunlight kissed me when you were feeding the pigeons with levity and I smiled with a sense of satisfaction with the white and black I wore that day. I was holding my cry using the pillow the night it was raining hard and only lightning was responding to my unasked questions. It was there the whole time I was dismantling into tiny particles of broken smiles and desires. We were walking side by side on the roads of the busiest city in the world like there is no one watching any other body except their phones that were merely made to send and receive. The world blurred. I went for the keys at 3:47 in the morning of June 21, year unknown, when it was to my surprise raining hard outside. I stepped outside barefoot, heading towards my car when the worry lines on my forehead tried to make me feel better by channeling the rain water to my eyes. The moment when you played the piano and it tingled my ears with the song that we both liked, it flashed in front of my eyes. I paced up to get into the car because the souvenir from Italy was getting ruined in the water that people crave for. I recovered myself to reality and revved the car and headed east on 23rd and Madison. The room was well in place and you tilted your head like a person in museum looking at paintings. I knew it was the end, when your relaxed and warm breaths were on a detour. The champagne was not getting involved in the occasion when you entered into the restaurant panting and sweating with a small package in robin egg blue and some white flowers which seemed packed by Fifty Flowers. I knew what it was and the champagne regained its flavor. Tiffany rests in the lounge, inside a ruined drawer of some dressing which has been unattended for months until now. The sheets want the wrinkles, but every day I try not to stab into it, the way I did that Sunday. The sentences are the then and ‘then’ after every period. I do not regret the wood going 10 feet under the ground.

The coffee is getting cold and the playlist, almost over.

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