The grass was moving across the wind to tell me that it is the right direction to go. I grazed it to advance the flight of stairs. It was dark outside since it was raining and I had no idea of the weather inside me. I was motivated to climb up the stairs to discover… Continue reading Existence

Little smiles

It was the normal stupid day when I jumped into the room after a full stomach, rattling through my things to adjust in order when I heard an inaudible cry for help coming from a heart three meters away from my body, beating in anticipation for divine help but closing in to accept the ways… Continue reading Little smiles

Power Fuck

The concept behind communication is to find things that you can relate with and hence build up the communication with the significant other till you reach a point of intersection in the path that parts the directions in which your minds think. Sometimes distances are good sometimes they are really good. But with distance comes… Continue reading Power Fuck